Calculate your annual fee

Find out how to calculate your annual fee and read about the FSCS annual levy.

Use our online fees calculator to work out the regulatory fees and levies you will need to pay.

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What fees you can calculate

You can calculate fees and other charges (levies) as they apply to your firm.

Fees you can calculate are those for the:

Levies you can calculate are those for the:

You can calculate fees for the current year or previous years.

You can also choose whether to calculate fees based on consultation or final rates (ie by ‘scenario’).

The fee calculator is a tool for you to estimate and compare your fees. You should always pay the exact amount shown on your regulatory fees and levies invoice. 

What fee-blocks the calculator uses

The fee calculator includes most authorised ‘A’ fee-blocks and consumer credit fee-blocks.

The fee calculator does not include these fees:

  • Special Project Fees (SPF) such as Solvency II
  • Payment Services Directive (PSD)
  • Money Laundering Directive (MLD)
  • Electronic Money Regulations (EMR)
  • non-‘A’ fee-blocks such as Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) or United Kingdom Listing Authority (UKLA)
  • Financial Reporting Council
  • additional levies raised by FSCS

Calculate your fees

To calculate your fees and levies, use these links to select the fee year and scenario you want.


Please note: non-directive insurers will receive an 11% discount on their PRA PA03 and or PA04 fees 2016/17. However, this discount is not currently shown in the 2016/17 calculators.

Please note that the FSA consumer credit full permission (fee-block CC02) rate was previously incorrectly stated in the 2016/17 consultation version of the Fees Calculator. This should have been £1.30 per £1,000 of annual income as stated in our fees and levies consultation paper CP16/9. The rate was corrected on 15 July 2016. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.


If you require calculations for early years, including FSCS interim levies, please email details of your request to and we will provide these.

Get the most out of the calculator

Using the calculator will mean you can:

  • budget for the next year's regulatory fees and levies
  • compare fees and levies for previous years and scenarios
  • assess the costs of regulation before you apply to be authorised
  • assess the continuing costs of increasing activities before applying for a variation of permission 
  • assess the impact that a change in business (an increase or decrease in tariff data) will have on your fees and levies

You can view or print detailed breakdowns, the costs of regulation and of consumer protection by:

  • answering a few simple questions
  • selecting fee blocks, classes and industry blocks
  • entering the corresponding tariff data


There is help available in the calculator:

  • move the cursor over the highlighted words for helpful comments
  • click on highlighted words for more detailed information
  • click the help icons on the right-hand side of the page

Sometimes there can be additional fees and levies that are added during the financial year and which aren’t included in the calculator.

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